Open Source

Application Integration and Support

"We help businesses deploy & maintain open source apps on the infrastructure of their choice"


Migrating to the cloud can be tricky. Let us help you determine how cloud technology can assist in your business. We don’t have any hardware of our own. Our cloud experts don’t sell or promote any specific cloud solution, so they are able to provide you with unbiased help to figure out how modern cloud technologies really can enhance your business. For every project, we select the best-of-breed cloud provider matching the specific needs of that project.


Designing solutions to sit in a cloud environment is very different to an on-premises environment. The migration and transition to a cloud service is a daunting task and the design of the service on a cloud platform may differ significantly from traditional ICT infrastructure. Good design will take advantage of cloud high availability and systems agility whilst ensuring the workloads are deployed in the most efficient and secure way possible.


Once your design is complete, our team begins the implementation process setting up the cloud server with the chosen Linux operating system. All necessary security measures are implied to assure the higest level of protection. In most cases an additional virtualisation layer is applied which facilitates full back-ups and the ability to run different apllications on the same cloud server completely seperated as such significantly enhancing security.


For you, the project isn’t finished when it’s live. The same goes for your cloud hosting. That’s why we’ll be keeping an eye on the full technology stack, to make sure everything keeps running as smoothly as it should. Highly automated processes and tools that provide all the essentials needed to keep your cloud environment healthy (configuration management, monitoring, patching, etc). Pro-active services are also provided with a Service Level Agreement

More than 15 years of hosting experience

We specialise in Linux system administration, managing complex networks and server configurations for companies of all sizes. We remotely handle all of your servers technical issues such as the server optimization, server security, and server monitoring. By utilizing our services, you will be able to focus on your core business and be more successful – without the technical headache and stress of managing your Linux server administration. We are completely Infrastructure independent. We don’t have any hardware of our own to sell, so we are completely free and act as a cloud service broker. For every project, we select the best-of-breed cloud provider matching the specific needs of that project.